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Loan Table

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Fixed Repayments

24 / Monthly Total
36 / Monthly Total
48 / Monthly Total
R5,000 R321 R7,696 R244 R8,794 R262 R12,588
R10,000 R621 R1,4892 R475 R17,088 R504 R24,176
R20,000 R1,220 R29,284 R935 R33,676 R987 R47,352
R30,000 R1,820 R43,676 R1,396 R50,264 R1,469 R70,528
R40,000 R2,420 R58,068 R1,857 R66,852 R1,952 R93,704
R50,000 R3,019 R72,460 R2,318 R83,440 R2,435 R116,880
R60,000 R3,619 R86,852 R2,779 R100,028 R2,918 R140,056
R70,000 R4,219 R101,244 R3,239 R116,616 R3,401 R163,232
R80,000 R4,818 R115,636 R3,700 R133,204 R3,884 R186,408
R90,000 R5,418 R130,028 R4,161 R149,792 R4,366 R209,584

Choose where you belong and apply in the form below

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